Rodelban riding

Rodelban riding: Photo
Our rodelban is special – it offers panoramic views, it is year-round and super modern! The sledge is equipped with a hand brake, speed and approach control, and automatic ascent to the starting point. The rail track has 3 rings-turns.

Do you know why it is impossible to drive only 1 lap? At first, everyone is careful, use the brake and test the track. But for the second time, you can already ride with the breeze at full speed and squeal heartily on turns! And if you ride with a child, believe our experience – he will definitely want more!

Now the rodelban also works in the evening with multi-color animated illumination from hundreds of lamps! Light the rodelban lights!

A sleigh sliding on rails at a speed of up to 40 km/h along a route with 3 rings-turns.

The best price when booking online

The best price when booking online

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